“I knew what a coach did for me on a sports team – they helped me be the best I could be both personally and as part of a team – Coaching with Pat at Growing Leadership Has done the same for the other parts of my life”
– JP Entrepreneur, Leader, Client

Growing Leadership coaches using the Co-Active Coaching Model. We believe that leadership is about both the Co being with others in effective ways which serves in leaders inspiring them to take collective Action. The – is about you. You join the two together. We support you in digging deep and touching your own authenticity, sense of purpose and bringing them to all you do with passion and effect. We help leaders, individuals and teams get clear on what it is they want to achieve and then coach them to find perspectives, relationship skills and courage to move more effectively, consistently and with intent towards their goals. Coaching can help in situations where you want to enhance your ability to be authentic and get the impact you want; to have those necessary, crucial conversations, those ones you may be avoiding, without creating a “conversational hangover”. We can help you prepare for important life events like job interviews or career changes; being successful as you move into new roles or responsibilities. We help you were you feel stuck; to get clear and to move forward. We mediate conflicts so all parties can move forward authentically, with clarity, in service of their purpose/mission.

Coaching can happen by phone/face time/Skype or in the workplace. It happens on a schedule that gives your goals real attention as well as time for you to do the work that you set for yourself between sessions. The coach is available to clients by email with a 24 hour click back or phone call.

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