The beginning of The Tales of StoneHill Farm

 where we are growing leadership.


It was an ordinary day, with no wisp of a storm, when the winds of change blew through my life.  In one powerful swoop it blew away the cobwebs that had collected and almost unknowingly were shadowing my eyes. It drew me inexorably to wake up and notice. It buffeted my reasoning and laughed in the face of my fears. Suddenly, it subsided and left behind the rarified brilliance of the stormy sky on which my dreams at one moment almost hidden now stood in bold light.

Those winds, brewing in the far reaches of my life, fermented and sought StoneHill, the farm we visited on a whim and now call home, to be the vessel which would call us forth to captain and in doing so learn the exhilaration that was awaiting us over each hill and in each new sun rise if we would simply choose to climb aboard.

Thus began the new chapter of our adventures in life. This blog is the saga of my journey as a city chick, CEO, dragonboater, wife and mother who has embraced her previously unknown country RoostHER that was somewhat impatiently waiting to be unleashed by the winds of change.

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